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src/PhpSpreadsheet/Calculation/Financial/Depreciation.php 2
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Cell/DataType.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Html.php 2
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Ods.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Xls.php 8
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Xlsx/Chart.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Xlsx.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Reader/Xml/DataValidations.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Html.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Ods/Cell/Style.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Xls/Parser.php 6
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Xls/Style/ColorMap.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Xls/Workbook.php 1
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Xls/Worksheet.php 8
src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Xlsx/Chart.php 1


Type Line Description
TODO 63 Handle period value between 0 and 1 (e.g. 0.5)
TODO 123 Handling for fractional $period values


Type Line Description
TODO 59 Sanitize Rich-Text string (max. character count is 32,767)


Type Line Description
TODO 285 $this->dataArray[$row][$column] = 'RICH TEXT: ' . $cellContent;
TODO 625 } elseif ($child instanceof DOMElement) {


Type Line Description
TODO 369 :: Figure this out. This is only a partial implementation I guess.


Type Line Description
TODO 1014 Why is there no BSE Index? Is this a new Office Version? Password protected field?
FIXME 1106 what if sheetname contains comma?
FIXME 1138 what if sheetname contains comma?
TODO 1188 Provide support for named values
FIXME 4252 set $firstVisibleRow and $firstVisibleColumn
TODO 4811 Investigate structure for .xls SHEETLAYOUT record as saved by MS Office Excel 2007
TODO 6788 if cell range is just a single cell, should this funciton
TODO 6950 external sheet support


Type Line Description
TODO 1497 parse title elements


Type Line Description
TODO 1315 Autoshapes from twoCellAnchors!


Type Line Description
FIXME 155 missing FIXME


Type Line Description
TODO 1691 Same for columns


Type Line Description
TODO 63 :: To be implemented


Type Line Description
TODO 538 use real error codes
TODO 614 possible class value 0,1,2 check
TODO 619 use real error codes
TODO 634 use real error codes
FIXME 908 maximum possible value for Excel 5 (change this!!!)
FIXME 910 this changes for BIFF8


Type Line Description
TODO 78 Try and map RGB value to nearest colour within the define pallette


Type Line Description
FIXME 860 only using internal SUPBOOK record


Type Line Description
FIXME 1208 !!!
TODO 3031 writeCFRule() => $blockLineStyle => Index Color for left line
TODO 3032 writeCFRule() => $blockLineStyle => Index Color for right line
TODO 3033 writeCFRule() => $blockLineStyle => Top-left to bottom-right on/off
TODO 3034 writeCFRule() => $blockLineStyle => Bottom-left to top-right on/off
TODO 3036 writeCFRule() => $blockColor => Index Color for top line
TODO 3037 writeCFRule() => $blockColor => Index Color for bottom line
TODO 3038 writeCFRule() => $blockColor => Index Color for diagonal line


Type Line Description
TODO 978 output title elements

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