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There seems to be a problem with character encoding...
It is necessary to use UTF-8 encoding for all texts in PHPExcel. If the script uses different encoding then it is possible to convert the texts with PHP's iconv() function.
PHP complains about ZipArchive not being found
Make sure you meet all Requirements, especially php_zip extension should be enabled.
The ZipArchive class is only required when reading or writing formats that use Zip compression (Excel2007 and OOCalc). From version 1.7.6 the PCLZip library has been bundled with PHPExcel as an alternative to the ZipArchive class.
This can be enabled by calling:
before calling the save method of the Excel2007 Writer.
You can revert to using ZipArchive by calling:
At present, this only allows you to write Excel2007 files without the need for ZipArchive (not to read Excel2007 or OOCalc)
Excel 2007 can not open the file generated by PHPExcelWriter2007 on Windows
Excel found unreadable content in '*.xlsx'. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes.
The php_zip extension on Windows coming with PHP 5.2.6 and PHP 5.2.8 contains an error when creating ZIP files. See for details. The version that can be found on should work at all times.

Alternatively, upgrading to at least PHP 5.2.9 should solve the problem.

If you can't locate a clean copy of ZipArchive, then you can use the PCLZip library as an alternative when writing Excel2007 files, as described above.
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate yyy bytes) in zzz on line aaa
PHPExcel holds an "in memory" representation of a spreadsheet, so it is susceptible to PHP's memory limitations. The memory made available to PHP can be increased by editing the value of the memorylimit directive in your php.ini file, or by using iniset('memory_limit', '128M') within your code (ISP permitting);
Some Readers and Writers are faster than others, and they also use differing amounts of memory. You can find some indication of the relative performance and memory usage for the different Readers and Writers, over the different versions of PHPExcel, here
If you've already increased memory to a maximum, or can't change your memory limit, then this discussion on the board describes some of the methods that can be applied to reduce the memory usage of your scripts using PHPExcel
Protection on my worksheet is not working?
When you make use of any of the worksheet protection features (e.g. cell range protection, prohibiting deleting rows, ...), make sure you enable worksheet security. This can for example be done like this:
Feature X is not working with PHPExcelReaderY / PHPExcelWriterZ
Not all features of PHPExcel are implemented in all of the Reader / Writer classes. This is mostly due to underlying libraries not supporting a specific feature or not having implemented a specific feature.

For example autofilter is not implemented in PEAR SpreadsheetExcelwriter, which is the base of our Excel5 writer.

We are slowly building up a list of features, together with the different readers and writers that support them, in the "Functionality Cross-Reference.xls" file in the /Documentation folder.
Formulas don’t seem to be calculated in Excel2003 using compatibility pack?
This is normal behaviour of the compatibility pack, Excel2007 displays this correctly. Use PHPExcelWriterExcel5 if you really need calculated values, or force recalculation in Excel2003.
Setting column width is not 100% accurate
Trying to set column width, I experience one problem. When I open the file in Excel, the actual width is 0.71 less than it should be.

The short answer is that PHPExcel uses a measure where padding is included. There is more information about why this is the case and how to deal with it in the "PHPExcel Developer Documentation".
How do I use PHPExcel with my framework ... ?
Bakery CakePHP CodeIgniter Contao Joomla Kohana Symfony Symfony 2 Typo3 Yii
Joomla Autoloader interferes with PHPExcel Autoloader
Thanks to peterrlynch for the following advice on resolving issues between the PHPExcel autoloader and Joomla Autoloader : Joomla & PHPExcel > 1.7.2 Issue
Resolving Yii Autoloader problems with the PHPExcel Autoloader
A useful blog post on avoiding autoloader problems between the Yii autoloader and PHPExcel :